Power companies prepare ahead of weekend storm

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Emera says they've got a storm crew on standby ahead of Sunday's storm.

Officials say they have a full line crew ready to tackle any outages over the weekend.

Local contract crews, tree crews and other support staff are also in place to assist.

While they say they intend to work quickly in case of outages, it's always important to be prepared.

Spokesperson for the company, Judy Long says, "Make sure you have a plan in place if you lose power for any period of time. Have flashlights, fresh batteries, water, a supply of non-perishable food. And for those with special medical needs we would urge them to make sure they have a plan in place in case their power is interrupted for any period of time."

Central Maine Power also released a statement saying they are working to stage their employees and contract crews for the safest and most efficient response.

A reminder , never touch or drive over downed power lines.

Remember to give working crews plenty of space and slow down as you drive by.