Pot Bill's Future Uncertain After Initial Votes

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AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) An effort to rewrite Maine's recreational pot sales law so far lacks enough votes in the House to become law.

The Maine House voted 85-53 on Monday evening on comprehensive regulations backed by the Legislature's marijuana implementation committee.

But the bill will likely need at least 101 votes in the House to become law.

The committee has been working for months on a plan that would allow municipalities to opt-in to the state's recreational pot market, with sales expected to start in 2019.

But Republicans Gov. Paul LePage and House Minority Leader Ken Fredette want lawmakers to rework the committee's proposal and in the meantime simply delay pot sales until 2019. The House voted to indefinitely postpone such a plan.

Republican Rep. Patrick Corey said he's concerned the pot committee's bill won't provide enough tax revenue to cover the state's implementation's costs.