Possible voter-intimidation at the polls

Image: A generic "I Voted" sticker similar to those given out in some states.

FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI) The Secretary of State’s Office has been investigating complaints of someone trying to intimidate college students voting in Farmington saying that if they register there will be consequences.

We spoke with Secretary of State Matt Dunlap about the situation.

He says it’s more of a case of an interpretation of freedom of speech.

“It is true that registering to vote establishes residency and establishing residency does carry with it other civic obligations. However, those obligations are not in any way connected with your ability of your sovereign right to vote,” says Dunlap.

He says, “What’s happening in Farmington is not voter-suppression. It’s someone exercising their right to free speech.”

Voting there takes place at the Farmington Community Center.