Possible broadband expansion in rural Maine

Published: Jan. 1, 2019 at 10:52 PM EST
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A new state legislature is in session - with new goals in the coming year.

New Democratic Senate President Troy Jackson says that one of the tasks will be to focus on broadband expansion in rural Maine.

Jackson says it's important for the economic future to have access to broadband services in every part of the state.

He says he's experienced that need himself on more than one occasion.

Troy Jackson: "We are so rural I mean I leave Augusta and come up the road and half the time I can't get any cell service and it's the same way for internet for a lot of people. you know my inlaws have Allagash Wood Products right in the Allagash and sell things all over the country because we have decent broadband but a lot of people can't say that and so I think there's a big need for it. I think you're gonna see people come together around it hopefully this session. its a lot of money but we can do it and the benefit of bringing it to the state and the people it could attract, business, I think we can't afford not to."

Jackson says he's talked with a number of state lawmakers who share that mindset.

He says he hopes some turnaround regarding the broadband issue can happen sometime this year.

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