Possible Changes for Handling of Bangor 911 Calls

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - New requirements for the answering of emergency calls has Bangor officials considering a change.

Currently the city and Penobscot County both operate an emergency call center and a center for other public safety calls.

With those new requirements coming there could be a need for more staffing.

Bangor's Police and Fire Departments are suggesting having emergency calls handled by Penobscot County.

"Our dispatchers will be dispatching the police fire and EMS but we won't be answering, if this works, the 911 calls," said Fire Chief Tom Higgins, "That will be done at Penobscot County Regional Dispatch. It will be something that's seamless. People would not even know the difference of where that phone call is being answered and then being passed off to an emergency dispatcher," he said.

The plan is to meet with county officials and bring a full proposal to the city council in around a month.