Port Clyde Couple Has Waited 8 Weeks for Cleanup of Oil Spill

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PORT CLYDE, Maine (WABI) - Back on December 18th, a Fabian Oil truck was delivering fuel to Rebecca and Chris Anderson of Port Clyde.

“They got their front wheels off the bank and ended up tipping over the bank and drowned 15 hundred to 17 hundred gallons of fuel,” said Chris.

Fabian Oil says they followed all typical protocols for a spill. They hired environmental consultant St. Germain Collins to assess the damage and help cleanup efforts. They also say that have been following all of the DEP’s instructions.

But despite a few visits from both St. Germain and the DEP, the Andersons still have oil on top of their property. A representative from Fabian Oil says they didn’t know problems were persisting until just this week.

“It just feels from our point of view that there's been a lot of finger pointing between DEP and St. Germain,” said Rebecca.

The first thing you notice when you walk onto the property is the smell of oil and that on the edge of the property, it is starting to pool. Chris says that farther out that way is a marsh and that's where the oil is starting to go now.

“500 yards, you're in the ocean. And I've had friends tell me they've seen the oil come out two weeks later.”

The DEP said in a statement: Fabian Oil is currently responsible for the clean-up of the #2 heating oil spill which occurred at the Anderson residence on Dec 18th. DEP has instructed Fabian Oil to submit a plan to the agency by close of business today that must include removal of oil contaminated materials beginning no later than Monday, February 12, 2018. Maine DEP staff has been on site on numerous occasions to date and we continue to monitor situation as well as work with all the parties involved to ensure a satisfactory resolution to this issue.

The Andersons say that while the oil sits on their property they are concerned for the health of their children, animals, and the local environment.

“We've set up a meeting with Fabian, the insurance company, St. Germain, DEP, and us,” said Chris. “They are supposed to propose a plan for the cleanup but I would have thought that would have been 6 weeks ago or 7 weeks ago rather than wait 8 weeks to actually get to that point.”

“Someone needs to take the reins on this,” said Rebecca. “That someone needs to have authority and make sure that it’s being taken care of.”