Police searching for driver after accident in Clifton

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CLIFTON, Maine (WABI) - Police are looking for a driver who is missing after an accident in Clifton late Thursday night.

According to state police, the truck went off Route 9, went in to the air and snapped a utility pole in half. The truck then it rolled over near the town office in Clifton.

When police arrived, the driver was no where to be found.

"We are not exactly sure where that individual is," said Maine State Police Trooper Joshua Lander. " We've checked the area, haven't been able to find him in this area. Checked the residence. Still haven't found him there either. So so far, we're not sure where he is."

If anyone has information about the driver of this truck, they are asked to call state police at 973-3700.

About 600 people in the Clifton area lost power as a result of the pole being snapped. Power has since been restored.