Poems appear on windows in downtown Camden

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 5:38 PM EDT
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17 poems can now be found on windows around downtown Camden.

It's part of a project by the Stewardship Education Alliance.

We spoke with Elphie Owen, a member of the board for the Stewardship Education Alliance and a teacher at Camden-Rockport Middle School, about the project.

The poems are nature-themed and were written by middle and high school students from the area along with two local poets.

The Stewardship Education Alliance wants to draw attention to the upcoming World Ocean Day on June 8th.

They hope to inspire better stewardship of local watersheds.

They're encouraging folks to participate in a informal scavenger hunt to find all 17.

"As I have been watching over the last several days, people are doing just that...'oh my gosh there's a poem! Oh, there's another poem, what's going on here?' So that's been kind of neat."

The Stewardship Education Alliance is also offering grants to teachers in the area for educational projects that promote their mission.