Pizza Restaurant in Skowhegan is celebrating its 50th anniversary

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine (WABI) - Over the past fifty years, Al's Pizza has been serving the people of Skowhegan.

The original owner, Barry Partridge, started his restaurant back in 1969, keeping the name Al's from the person he bought it from.

Since retiring in 2012, his two kids, Chad and Marsha, keep one of the town's staples going.

"He was going to college, planning on being a math teacher, and decided that's not what he wanted to do. He had been working for someone and decided this is what he wanted to make a career in. We actually continue to have a lot of regulars that come in, and now we're starting to see second generations which is great," said Marsha Toth, Co-Owner of the restaurant.

"To think that it's been operating for 50 years is remarkable. There's not a lot of businesses that do that, let alone a small locally owned place. Just seeing it moved around town and hearing some of the stories that have been here forever is amazing, it's amazing," said Brian Beaulieu, one of the restaurant's managers.

As impactful as Al's has been to their community, they believe they owe plenty in return.

"Well the community is very important to us. That we know for sure. They obviously supported us and supported our whole staff. So we like to try to give back as much as we can too," said Chad Partridge, the other Co-Owner.

That's why Al's will be offering lower prices on some of the signature items on their menu this week.

They're also having a raffle drawing each day this week with prizes like gift cards, t-shirts, and a pizza party.