Pittsfield time capsule opened at Bicentennial event

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PITTSFIELD, Maine- In honor of its Bicentennial this year, the town of Pittsfield opened a time capsule at the public library Saturday morning.

The capsule went into the ground in 1969.

Inside, they found a year book, various newspapers and documents, and even a bottle of whiskey, among other items.

There are more activities planned in Pittsfield this week including a golf tournament and a boat parade.

After they were done sorting thru the capsule, those in attendance were served up a piece of the towns birthday cake.

"We also have a summer concert series where we talk to a lot of the business owners and there's one in particular who remembers putting something into that time capsule. So, people are talking about the excitement built up around opening it" said Barbara Denaro of the Bicentennial Committee:

"I went back in the memories. I actually spoke with my dad, who was the president of the Kiwanis Club the year that we did the sesquicentennial in 1969. And so, to hear him get excited has just elected the level of excitement for myself, and all the friends I've been able to reach out to say 'come back for this," said Michael Lynch of the Bicentennial Committee.

We're told there will be a special surprise at the Train Station re-dedication on Wednesday.