Pittsfield Couple Wants You To Pop On Over To Their Cafe and Bakery

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PITTSFIELD, Maine (WABI) - Every small business in Maine has a story of how it started.

For one new bakery and café on Main Street in Pittsfield, the dream started years ago, but didn't come true until a few months ago.

First they had to escape the jobs they were in.

"And we were kind of stuck in the corporate world, comfortable I guess," said Nancy Monteryo, the Co-Owner of POPonOVERS, on Main Street in Pittsfield. "But we've always had this dream to open a restaurant, open a café, open a place where people can go and just be comfortable."

Dekk Monteryo started in the restaurant business and went to school to be a chef, then he ended up working as a district manager for a chemical company, EcoLab. "I've always been very passionate about food, and in fact, even at our house, the kids would always say, 'Dad what are you cooking this weekend?' So I've always been the designated person to cook, so it's always been there. It's always been my passion."

Dekk was doing a lot of traveling for his job, and the kids were growing up. Nancy realized they needed to do something to make their dream a reality now. "I was always doing stuff with my kids, and this summer my kids were off working. My kids were here, there, and everywhere, and I was lonely."

And Nancy is a people person. Which made her a natural fit talking with all the new people she welcomes around her table at POPonOvers. "Our goal is for every person that walks through that door to leave happier. If you were in a good mood when you came in, I want you to be in a better mood when you walk out. If you were having a bad day, I want to change that around."

Dekk wants to brighten their day with food. "I do have a lot of things in mind for what I want to do. Some of them are a little off the wall, but I notice with the community is if you bring something unique, they embrace it. They, it's something, you know, 'I'll try that,' you know, so we will continue to be innovative. We will continue to bring in different items, and we'll continue to work with the local farmers as well."

"I want it to be more than a please and a thank you," added Nancy. "Because you can go anywhere and get a please and a thank you. But here, not only do you get a please and a thank you, but you get a warm welcome and good food of course."