"Pints & Pups" hits the Bangor Waterfront

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Bangor, Maine- Pint & Pups Festival hit the Bangor Waterfront Sunday.

It was a celebration with music, beer, and food. But Pints & Pups is more than a canine social event.

"The real focus and purpose is to bring attention to the great rescues, and area shelters and no-kill shelters," said Janet Blanchard of Carden Kennels, an event sponsor. "And maybe hook you up with your new best buddy"

Ticket proceeds go towards helping rescue and adoption centers, as well as no-kill shelters like the Pixel Fund. And if you're looking to adopt, Pints and Pups isn't a bad place to start, according to Karen Wood, Executive Director of the Pixel Fund.

"Actually all of the dogs that we brought here last year actually found new homes within a week," she said. "So we have an adoption process. You can't just come here and take the dog home with you You have to fill out an application online. We'll do a vet check. A home visit. From there will make a good fit for you for what kind of dog you want."

You could say Pints and Pups is essentially a festival about awareness.

We spoke to Joslyn King, who told us, "You should adopt a dog because some dogs that don't have homes Really need them. So if you adopt a dog you're saving a life."

Pints and Pups is a yearly event at the waterfront, and for may folks, a pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

"We are dog people so we love seeing all the dogs come by the table," Blanchard said. "Love seeing the puppies, and offering people some information about what they can do once they've acquired a new pet."