People from all over the state turn out in Farmington to support their community

FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI) - After a tragedy like this, support for one another is critical, and that's exactly what folks are saying is being felt around Farmington in the wake of the deadly explosion.

It's clear it will take a long time to get some normalcy back, but for now, this community and beyond is doing what they do best and that's coming together for each other.

"I couldn't think of any other place I would rather be," said Liberty Fire Chief Bill Gillespie.

Firefighters from around the state made their way to Farmington, including Chief Gillespie, for fallen firefighter Captain Michael Bell.

"I jumped in my uniform, and I headed right over. I was able to drive up which was an honor to do so."

He says people were lined up on the side of the road to salute Bell and other first responders. He says he's just one of the many firefighters from around the state here to show support.

"It's tremendous. It doesn't matter what hat you wear, whether you are volunteer, crew, per diem, they are all in there. They are all filling out over the next couple of weeks how we are going to cover this community."

"We're very, very hurt, and I think everyone here in Maine is. This really hits home when this happened," said Jeff Kerr, a Farmington resident.

Kerr says he knew the Bell family.

"Honest family. Hardworking family. A loss for the community, definitely. Big loss. The community is coming together. You can see that."

A loss like this one has this community coming together and picking up the pieces in more way than one.

"It was loud, and it woke me up. And I looked out, and it was snow. But it wasn't snow. I feel bad for the families. For the people that got hurt," said Theresa Ferro, who lives near where the explosion happened and is a Leap employee.

"Farmington is such a community. So many other towns in Maine could learn a lesson from this town. It's a close-knit town. Everybody is wonderful. We're taking care of each other. And we have to remember what's important," she said.