Peer Education Program Expanding The Entire U-Maine System

Farmington, Maine (WMTW) It started at the University of Maine at Farmington four years ago.

U-M-F staffers say hundreds of students have gone through the program.

Now, thanks to funding from the state attorney general's office, the project is expanding to the entire U-Maine system. It is a peer education program.

The idea is that students are more receptive to messages coming from fellow students, rather than from a professor or administrator.

Peer educators give lectures and one-on-one advice about dealing with loan servicers and picking the best repayment plan.

One past peer educator said it's much more difficult to tackle these student loan problems after graduation.

Senior, Troy Palmatier said, "Once you get out of college, it's more difficult to find connections with people to learn about this stuff. It's easier when you're there, in college, to speak with your peers about it and get a better understand."

Ron Milliken said, "A peer can deliver that message in a much more effective way that an administrator can."

New peer educators will begin training next year.

U-M-F said it has a five-year plan that will eventually put this financial education information in front of high school and middle school students.