Patten to Australia: Woman using talent to help animals hurt in wildfires

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 4:23 PM EST
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"A half a billion animals killed."

When Wendy Anderson heard and saw all the animals dying and hurt in the wildfires in Australia she knew she had to do something.

Wendy says, "I'm obsessed with these animals right at the moment."

Wendy has been crocheting her entire life and stumbled upon a page on Facebook where she could use her talent to lend a hand.

She says, "I'm a helper, I'm a fixer and I can't always help. What my big dream would be is to go there and help rescue these animals but, I can't do that. So I found something I can do to help."

She became part of the Rescue Craft Co where thousands of people from all over the world are making supplies for the animals in Australia.

She adds, "There are joey pouches being sewn, bat wraps, swaddling blankets, and then these pouches here."

With Wendy having a love for animals and crocheting she says this is a way for her to use the two to make a difference.

She says, "When I first did it took me two days and I made 50 nests total. I sent them out on the third day. When I posted on their website it went nuts. They're babies to me, they are no different than a human."

The group is always accepting new members and right now needs sewers.

Wendy says, "So if you sew that is a great thing to do. They need the swaddling blankets mostly."

Wendy says she is going to continue to send a little piece of Patten to Australia for as long as she can.

"If everybody in the world did one good deed for another without expecting anything in return then it would be a much better place."

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