Passie Pete says early winter is coming

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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) - Summer is ending early this year, at least according to a famous lobster in Belfast.

Passy Pete waddled out of the bay this morning to give his prediction on whether we can expect six more weeks of summer.

"On Labor Day every year in Belfast, Passy Pete, the clairvoyant crustacean comes ashore and talks to the Belfast Barons, which is a select group of us business owners, and he then tells us whether it's going to be six more weeks of summer or an early winter," says Belfast Baron David Crabiel.

"We have two scrolls, one that predicts six more weeks of summer and one that predicts an early winter," says Crabiel. "He chooses which scroll we read. We read the scroll, and no one knows what's going to happen until we actually do it."

After picking six more weeks of the summer correctly the past three years, this year was different.

"Unfortunately today, for the first time in four years, he has chosen an early winter," says Crabiel.

Although a shorter summer caused some groans in the audience, that didn't dampen the spirits of the kids at the event.

"The kids just have so much fun," says Crabiel. "They love seeing us with our top hats, they love cheering on Passy Pete, and of course, how often to do you really get to touch a lobster, especially a lobster that's not going to be on your plate."