PART TWO: Remembering Eugene Cole

Published: Apr. 24, 2019 at 6:52 PM EDT
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April 25th will be a year since Somerset County Corporal Eugene Cole was killed in the line of duty.

A lot has happened in the last year to make sure Cole's memory lives on.

It's hard to go anywhere in Somerset County without finding someone that Eugene Cole didn't impact in some way. His daughter, Jill, and his brother, Tom, can tell you exactly why.

"He was an amazing person. He showed love everywhere. You couldn't have asked for a better, bigger brother. I just miss him sitting around talking," said Tom.

Looking back over the last year without him understandably comes with great emotion.

"He would always say, 'call me when you get home' just so he knew, and sometimes I still want to do that, but I can't. It's just been difficult," said Jill.

Little reminders of Gene, like the bracelets Jill and Tom now wear, have big meaning.

"Don't take life for granted because it could be over as fast," said Jill.

He was always there. It's something heard over and over about Gene Cole.

"That's who we leaned on. Now we just kind of lean on each other," said Jill.

"He was a good example of what a man should be," said Phil Cole. He remembers his dad as his hero.

"I looked at him as a Superman growing up. I remember that. A year's past, but the wound is still very fresh. I think about it every day," he says.

Forever a hero in the eyes of his family.

"I think he really would be so proud of his wife. Quite a role model for many, many," said Tom.

"Very strong," said Jill.

Many days this past year have been marked with memorials for Corporal Eugene Cole.

"That kind of reopens the wound again but it's really awesome at the same time that we're still remembering and everyone's coming together," said Jill.

When asked how she wants her dad to be remembered, Jill said, "The way that he's been remembered this whole time. He was just an awesome person."