Oxford County Sheriff Resigns Amid Investigation

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OXFORD COUNTY, Maine (WMTW) - Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant resigned Wednesday afternoon amid an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct, according to Oxford County Administrator Scott Cole.

According to Cole, he received a text from County Attorney Bryan Dench informing him that Sheriff Gallant had resigned, effective immediately. Cole then sent that information to the Oxford County Commissioners.

Gallant resigned as the head of the Maine Sheriff's Association in November after admitting to sending a lewd photograph to an identified woman.

Following Gallant's resignation, the Maine Sheriff's Association released the following statement:

"We believe that Sheriff Gallant’s decision to resign is in the best interest of all those involved, the citizens of Oxford County, the valued members of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office and the Office of Sheriff throughout Maine and Nationally. The Maine Sheriffs’ Association and its members will stand ready to assist Chief Deputy Hart Daley as the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office attempts to move forward from this unfortunate series of events."