Owls of Maine

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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) Folks of all ages were treated to a special presentation at Tall Pines in Belfast. Live owls were on display courtesy of the Chewonki Foundation.

“Chewonki is a non-profit organization based in Wiscasset,” said Jessica Woodend. “We're kind of a school, we're an outdoor center, and we're an out-reach program as well.”

The event was held for members of the Tall Pines community as well as staff and their families.

“We don't always get to see different ages. Usually it’s like a school program or just seniors but it’s really nice to be able to combine the two. They all love animals”

The owls came in different shapes and sizes and were all species that are found in Maine.

“We do have a pretty sized good owl population and I think it's just since they're out at nighttime, we're not aware of it but we also get snowy owls in the winter time that come down here so that's a pretty unique experience too.”

Owls who live at Chewonki are all rescues, and while they arrived with a variety of health problems, all now live happy and healthy lives.

“All of the animals we have came to us whether they had an injury in the past and can't be released outside or they were a pet that someone wasn't supposed to have or can't take care of anymore.”

The presentation taught audience members about the birds that are often hard to find, and brought delight to everyone there.

“I think owls are really mysterious to a lot of people since their most active at nighttime. We don't always get a chance to see them especially up close so this is a really unique experience to have an owl sitting right in front of you.”