Orono Coffee House 'Brings Peeps Together'

ORONO, Maine (WABI) - In the last decade, four different businesses have moved into 24 Main Street in downtown Orono, but didn't last.

A pair of coffee shop owners hope their business is the exception.

"I never thought that this is where I was, where I'd be when I'm 23 years old."

Anna Berube and her business partner, Li Yang are making a name for themselves in downtown Orono.

"I've always had a little artistic ability kind of stuff, so that's played a big role in my cake decorating," explained Berube.

She's a Maine native, a graduate of the University of Maine, a baker, and now a full-time business owner.

Despite Orono being a college town, the area hasn't really seen a traditional coffee house with a full espresso bar... until now.

"I think that the town has adjusted to us really well, like we have a lot of locals that come here," Berube explained. "They just love the atmosphere and they think the food is really good."

Berube began baking while living at The Grove in Orono as a student.

She began baking for friends and quickly learned she had a passion for it.

Now, she's cooking up a little bit of everything for nest.

"Cake pops, muffins, cookies, biscotti. We do get the bagels from Bagel Central and we pick those up every morning, but other than that, I do all the baking."

Nest is open 7-days a week with a new bakery item made every day.

Anna says it's the repeat customers that keep her and the shop going.

"We like consistency, so when they order something, we want it to be the same every single time, and I think that's why everyone keeps coming back because they know what they're going to get," said Berube.

With two millennial owners, it's no surprise they use social media to boost their business, while living out their motto: "Bringing Peeps Together."

"We will like literally make something random and put it on our Instagram and see how many people will like reply back to us, and be like, "Hey do you think this is a good idea, should we try this?" And, then we'll take that feedback and create something. It's very easy going here and we're very open-minded," explained Berube.