Campground owners prepare for new normal ahead of weekend opening

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ORLAND, Maine (WABI) - TV5 spoke with the owner of a campground that will be able to open up this weekend..

Balsam Cove Campground is located in Orland.

Owner David Thatcher said he completed the compliance checklist on the Department of Economic and Community Development's website.

He was then given approval to open.

Among the changes he'll have to make at the campground - checking campers in outside and not letting anyone use playground equipment or into the campground store.

Thatcher will also have to frequently cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces...

"It feels great," he said. "It's been a long wait and it's been very frustrating and anxiety provoking not knowing what was going to happen. Finally it's good to know. We are usually full Memorial Day. We won't be full I'm sure. But you know, most people have it much worse than I do so I'm just happy to be able to be open."

He says that after he posted on his Facebook page that he'd be open for campers on Friday, the phone had been ringing all day with people looking to come and stay.