Order a Barbershop Quartet for Valentine's Day

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Wednesday is Valentine's Day, and the Bangor chapter of the Mainely Music Chorus is getting ready to deliver singing valentines...

Monday night they prepared their quartets for the big day.

You can still contact them and give them the details of who you would like serenaded, along with where and when. They prefer it to be in the greater Bangor area and they'll go and sing.

They've carried a tune in a lot of places up to this point, so very little is off limits.

"Up to the University of Maine woke up a young lady in her dorm with a red rose from her grandfather," said Bangor Chapter President Tom White. "We've sung in full restaurants, in the Dean's office. We've sung in an elementary school the full classroom of kids there for the teacher who's husband sent us."

They ask for a $35 donation for the visit that will get you two songs, a rose and a picture.

You can find Mainely Music Chorus on Facebook or call 469-2782 to schedule an appointment.