Opening Statements Heard in Robert Craig Murder Trial

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The court heard opening statements in the state verses Robert Craig murder trial.

Craig is charged in the death of Leo Corriveau.

Leo Corriveau's body was found lying face down in the back yard of his home in Presque Isle in July of 2016.

Shortly after the discovery of his body by his daughter and son in law, Robert Craig was arrested in Florida.

Craig and Corriveau were friends and Corriveau had invited Craig back to his home in Maine to help him with yard work for the summer.

The court heard today that the two men got in a disagreement over money for a bus ticket for Craig to go back to Florida.

During opening statements, the defense admitted that Craig did in fact kill Corriveau, but that it was done in self defense.

The state is tasked with proving to the jury that Craig is guilty of murder in this trial.