A Portal to medical information

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SOUTHWEST HARBOR (WABI) - What happens if you need to reach your doctor but realize it's after hours?

Or if you need to check your medical records and you can't get to the doctor's office?

There is a way to do that, and it was being shown to people in Southwest Harbor.

"Definitely want to do more of these there's such a need and in lots of different places, Ellsworth, Southwest Harbor, Gouldsboro" said Vanessa Hawkins the Practice Manager for Northern Light Health Primary Care Southwest Harbor. "so we're going to plan some more of these, and also once we have people who know how to help other people getting more people in those offices so even if you could walk in and say 'Hey can you just show me this screen?' We'd really like to do that as well."

The goal is for the portal to be an online, one stop doctor's office.

Patients will be able to access their records, files, and test results and also contact their healthcare provider 24 hours a day.

"A lot of times the things that you need are not happening during regular business hours," added Hawkins. "It's that late night reminder or something like that, or your lab work, a lot of lab work that you receive it's a letter that you get a day, maybe a week or so later where as the lab results are going to be there in a quicker amount of time. So instead of calling and asking 'Hey where are my lab results?' you can go online and look at them right away."

The training takes people through the portal step by step, from signing up and getting a password, all they way to putting it to use.

And after less than an hour, one of the participants could see how it would help.

"In one case, I had three prescriptions that needed to be refilled and they were not refillable so I could have sent them an e-mail to the doctor's office and they would have called the pharmacy and refilled them for me so it worked out very well," said Anna Hall of Southwest Harbor one of the people in the training session.

Once people go through the sessions and get signed up they can find all of their medical needs.

"It's a new world, it's a place where you can see everything in one spot, you had an EKG done, you had an X-Ray, you can log on and you can see that rather than kind of piecemeal getting it from different offices."

The next session is planned for Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth Thursday at 11:30. You can call 224-0957 to get more information or to register.