On October 1st- Hermon Dysart's hours to change- no more late night dining room service

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HERMON, Maine (WABI) - After 52 years, an iconic spot to get a middle of the night meal is changing its hours, meaning no more late night stops at Dysart's in Hermon.

Starting October 1st, the company will close their dining room at midnight and will re-open at 5 am.

The rest of the business will remain open to provide services to truckers, including the convenience store where they will have food for sale, but you won't be able to stop in for a sit-down meal.

They tell us the decision was made in part because of a hike in the minimum wage. But they also haven't had enough late night customers to justify staying open.

"I think there's going to be a lot of mixed reviews. A lot of people have a lot of memories coming here those hours of night, so they still want have that opportunity and availabilty for them. But since it's going away, they're probably going to be a little sad. Other people are going to say 100% understand that as a business standpoint," said John Mason, General Manager.

The Dysart's restaurant location on Broadway in Bangor won't change it's hours.

For more info and to see a menu, you can visit their website.