Olive Garden saying thank you to local law enforcement

Published: Sep. 3, 2018 at 3:17 PM EDT
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"It always warms your heart a little bit because the response you get from them is that they are very appreciative and they are very humble so that is also a great reason to give back to them."

With Labor Day being the day to thank the working people in the community, Olive Garden provided a hot meal for officers at the Bangor Police Department as a way to say thank you.

They arrived with plenty of pasta, salad and of course their iconic breadsticks to go around.

"Probably every three years or so we make it to the police department. We try and make our rounds so that we are thanking everyone. But the fire department, hospitals and any of those first responders that are out there in the community working hard every day."

Olive Garden has been providing meals for first responders for the past seventeen years.

"We definitely really appreciate any support we get from the community and our local businesses. It is nice to actually come in and sit down and have a hot meal and not have to eat in the car or rush or anything like that so we are certainly very appreciative of that."

They have delivered more than twelve thousand meals since they started the program in 2002.

"A little bit of irony I think to working on Labor Day but unfortunately with this particular job it's not something that we can just stop doing. So we are all here today and we are happy to be here. We are certainly very appreciative of the support we are getting."

Olive Gardens all over the country are participating.

"I think it is just our way of giving back to first responders and men and woman in our community that are making a significant impact and keeping our community safe."