Old Town High School Principal says there's no threat to students

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OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) - Following a "threat" made by an Old Town High School student, a statement has been released from the school.

Old Town High School Principal, Scott Gordon, said there is no threat to students at the high school.

The incident began on Thursday. Old Town Police said they got information that a student at the high school made "a very general warning statement to another student,” which the student thought was a threat.

We’re told, the student who made the statement is facing disciplinary action. Gordon said the student will "not be returning to Old Town High School at this time." The student's name has not been released.

Old Town Police continued to investigate the incident on Friday and throughout the weekend.

Gordon said police have not been able to uncover information which “should cause alarm or give… any reason to believe that Old Town High School is not safe for normal school operations.”

According to the statement, over the weekend, social media has played a role with the “level of misinformation.”

In the future, Gordon asks folks "read social media information with a common sense approach," and if you do come across a situation that needs to be reported to police, take a screenshot of the information and pass that along for a follow-up investigation.

In the statement, Gordon said, "School safety is now and will always be first and foremost."