The Old Town Paper Mill is back up and running with new ownership

OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) - The Old Town Mill is back up and running after nearly three years of sitting vacant.

After 46-million dollars in renovations over the past year, Nine Dragons Paper, a company headquartered in China, has reopened the Old Town Mill, which means 130 new jobs.

The hope is the mill will indirectly bring other jobs back to the Old Town region.

"To see this mill revitalized and reopening, employing 130 people directly, creating nearly 900 jobs in the supply chain, that's great news, not just for Old Town, but for the entire state," said Senator Susan Collins.

The plan is for the mill to produce 150,000 tons of paper pulp once production starts, and the hope is that figure will grow to reach 270,000 tons.

Those at the reopening celebration believe this will play a huge role in revitalizing the local and state economies sparking their new mill motto, Old Town, New Beginning.

"People feel good that there's something happening here, that it's not empty anymore. And they're gonna see activity and trucks going in and out. I mean, I think that's a confidence builder for the community and who knows what other spin off opportunities there will be," said Senator Angus King.

Nine Dragons Paper also presented a gift of 100 trees to be planted in the city.