Northern Light Health getting national attention for infant sleep safety program

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 6:53 PM EST
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Keeping babies safe while they sleep.

That's the goal of a new program at Northern Light Health.

It's getting them national attention.

"The whole system wide we've gone with these sleep sacks and they're absolutely wonderful," said Carol Giggey, Clinical Nursing Specialist for Labor and Delivery and OB at Northern Light Health.

Parents can agree these sleep sacks are easy for swaddling babies but the staff here at northern light health say they're also the safest option.

"Because the receiving blankets can move up and cause a smothering of the baby so that's why they don't want to use the baby blankets because they can become loose," said Giggey.

Safe sleep is something this staff is devoted to promoting. So much so, they were recently named the first system in the nation to be gold certified by Cribs For Kids.

"We're so committed with the well-being of our infants I thought it would pull this together." said Aida Poblador-Stevens, Associate Vice President of Women and Children's Health with Northern Light Health.

It did in a big way.

"Our wonderful leader that we have Aida Poblador-Stevens assembled a task force here. We created posters and pamphlets that we provide to all parents about the eight steps of safe sleep and we go over all of that also. It's a very proud moment for us," said Giggey.

What really drives this project is being able to bring the correct information to parents in a simple way so that they can remember it because it could potentially save the life of their baby.

"Having worked in an emergency setting, an emergency room, having a child that's two-month-old that comes in not alive, it's heart-wrenching. And, you never forget those moments," said Poblador-Stevens.

They say even one death is too many and they're committed to sharing the eight step safety system and the abcs of safe sleep.

"A stands for alone. Nothing in the crib. Just the baby. B is for back. Always on the back. And C is crib so that the baby has place to sleep and not be bed sharing with the parent," said Giggey.

The staff says they're able to provide support for parents and caregivers around the clock and on their website.

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