Northeast Harbor business keeps positive outlook during coronavirus concerns

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NORTHEAST HARBOR, Maine (WABI)- As businesses continue to look for ways to serve their customers, they’re starting to see some silver linings during the shutdown.

Like many stores, F.T. Brown’s Marine and hardware store in Northeast Harbor is doing delivery and curbside service while they're physical location is closed.

They say they’re learning what works and what doesn’t from other businesses while sharing what works for them.

The pandemic has shown them different ways to serve their customers and helped bring the business community together as well.

“You know, we’ve been handed a mound of lemons," said Kelly Brown, Co-owner of F.T. Brown. "How can we make the best lemonade? We are supporting each other because we’re building a network. And so we’re all kind of saying ‘Hey, we’re all in this together. How can we best support each other?’ And small businesses are going to endure. I think we’re all gonna rally through this.”

F.T. Browns says when the pandemic is over, they plan to do a curbside barbeque, with plenty of lemonade.