Newport daycare "Goes Grey" to help local teen

NEWPORT, Maine (WABI) - May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month.

Each year, the brain tumor community "Goes Grey" to raise awareness.

A Newport daycare is doing that, while helping one of their own.

"The whole town has come together and it's incredible to see everyone helping out for just one person,” said 17-year-old, Donovan Kurt.

Kurt is getting lots of love from the Newport community these days.

In March, he found out he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Since then he has started treatments in Boston. Before his first trip, the town certainly made him feel special with support.

"On my way out to start radiation people were lining the roads. We had fire trucks here, and something like that, you don't go through that again. So, just having people behind me means a lot,” said Kurt.

Now into May, Donovan's former daycare is stepping up with a hop-a-thon.

"We decided to hop for him and raise money. All the money will go towards his family. They have an apartment in Boston during the week when he's receiving his treatments."

Laurie Gardner owns Kidsville daycare.

She knows three people who have been impacted by brain tumors.

Each May the daycare "Goes Grey" in support. Grey being the color of the brain cancer ribbon.

Together, they're support Donovan and others struggling with the disease by sporting their grey shirts, bracelets, and more.

"This is just a tiny way that we can say "thank you" back to the family, and show Donovan that we love and support him,” explained Gardner.

Much of that support comes from 7-year-old Charlie Kinney who raised more than $500 for Donovan and his family.

He originally wanted to hold a lemonade stand, but found that would not be possible due to COVID-19.

Instead, he drew 32 pictures and sold them to family and friends.

Charlie and the rest of the kids started with a goal of $200. But together, they were able to raise more than 16-hundred dollars.

"I must say, all my kids that come through this daycare know empathy,” said Gardner.

"It's really nice to help people that are sick,” said Kinney.

As for Donovan, his tumor has been removed, but he still has a long road ahead of him.

And he knows that he will have his small town's support through it all.