Newly proposed bill would disallow employers to have workers sign away rights

Published: Feb. 4, 2020 at 4:51 PM EST
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Lawmakers and workers gathered at the capitol to support a new bill that would protect workers who sign away certain rights when employed.

The bill would no longer allow employers to force workers to sign away they're right to sue their employer over sexual harrassment, wage theft, discrimination and other issues.

Also supporting the bill were the Maine's women lobby, the ACLU and workers who say they have been subject to mistreatment by employers.

Sponsors for the bill say this is an important step to protect Maine workers.

"The Me Too movement has put a spotlight on sexual harassment and mistreatment of people, particularly women in the workplace that spans all industries. We need workers to be able to speak out when they witness wrong doing and to hold bad actors accountable," said State Senator Shenna Bellows.

Speakers claim more than 250 companies who do business in Maine have their employees sign away rights to sue.