Newburgh family shares why they feel blood donations are important

Published: Dec. 11, 2019 at 12:06 PM EST
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A family in Newburgh is reminding folks how important it is to donate blood.

"It would be kind of weird not to have him around," said the boy's older sister.

Meet Brennon, a happy, healthy 8-year-old boy that loves his animals and big sister more than anything.

Two years ago his family experienced a living nightmare when he was hit by a car in front of their home in Newburgh.

"I didn't know if he was actually going to pull through it," his sister recalled.

At just 5-years-old he was lifeflighted to a hospital in critical condition.

Many of Brennon's bones were broken and his vital organs were not functioning properly.

"He had lost so much blood that his body couldn't maintain or keep up and he was doing downhill pretty fast. The doctors that were on his team all came to my husband and I and said that in order to properly help him and to get his body to try and respond a little bit better that he needed a blood donation," said Brennon's mom, Kelli Jordan.

"After he had received that blood everything started to improve. One by one, little by little, and we could see the changes in him right away," his mom shared.

The doctor continued, "When we were trying to transition him off the life support respirator is giving him blood so he would be able to hold more oxygen and deliver that to his body and that would give him more strength. That was really central to him getting off the ventilator," one of Brennon's doctors, Amy Movius shared.

The Jordan family says they now have a different outlook when it comes to donating blood.

"Just for seeing what it did and how it helped Brennon. For people to go out and donate blood, they're miracle people. They're saving lives one person at a time," said a grateful Kelli Jordan.

Brennon's little sister Paige has an important message about blood that she would like everyone to know:

"For the people in need, you should always donate blood to them even if you don't know them you should still donate blood to them because it will save their lives. If he didn't he could have gotten worse but people were donating blood to him so his heart rate kept going up and up and up."

Now, Brennon can enjoy his life with his animals and family all thanks to blood donors.

"Look at this face. Brennon benefited fabulously and he has this wonderful life."

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