New railcar cleaning service opens in Milo

Published: May. 31, 2018 at 4:54 PM EDT
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Central Maine and Quebec Railway have spent the last 6 months renovating this building for the new Katahdin Railcar Services.

“We will perform cleaning the inside of railway tank cars,” explained Ryan Ratledge of CMQ. “The building is over 100 years old, part of the original Bangor Aroostook Railroad and it's a building that's been used in the railcar maintenance industry business for over a century.”

The facility will service railcars throughout New England. Aside from cleaning, QMC will also offer repairs to any of the cars.

“This project started about 12 months ago as a request from a customer,” said Chad Mowery of CMQ. “It's new to us, it's not something that we normally do.”

“You can see form some of the conditions from the other buildings that we've still got some work ahead of us,” said Ratledge. “We'll tackle those projects when it makes sense and when time permits.”

CMQ says the new service is not only an investment into their operations, it’s an investment in the community.

“Our employees have been here for a long time, many of them through multiple companies, multiple bankruptcies and it's nice to finally be able to give back,” said Mowery. “It's nice to give back to a region that's seen so much taken away with the closing of paper mills, closing of other businesses and to be able to reinvest and expand, is something that’s worthwhile.”