New details on man accused of stealing Dexter Police cruiser

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We've learned more about the man accused of stealing two cars, including a Dexter Police cruiser, and leading police on a chase that ended with a crash in Dover-Foxcroft last week.

22-year-old Tyler Tibbetts was injured in the crash and unable to appear in court until Wednesday.

After being released from the hospital, Tibbetts was charged with multiple felonies.

Authorities say last Friday, police found Tibbetts squatting in a home in Dexter with his girlfriend and a small child.

They say Tibbetts violated parole and was placed in the back of a Dexter cruiser.

We're told while officers tried to put a child car seat in a second cruiser, Tibbetts moved his handcuffs to the front of his body and squeezed through an 11-by-11 inch opening between the front and back seats, sped off, and eventually ditched the cruiser

"After he dropped the car off, he went to a friend's house and asked for assistance," said Assistant District Attorney Marianne Lynch. "The friend wouldn't help and so then he continued, cuffed when he stole the second car. It just happened to have the keys in it. This car was not provided to him by anybody. There wasn't anybody else in the car. There was not a third car involved in that."

Lynch went on to say, "As a result of the technology we have in many cars, not all law enforcement, but we were able to see on video, tt was an extraordinary, it was an 11 x 11 opening, it's extraordinarily small, and I don't think in anybody's wildest dreams they would think an adult would be able to get through that, an adult male."
Tibbetts has an extensive criminal history.

He now faces charges of theft, escape, eluding police, and being a prohibited person with a firearm.

Authorities say the firearms charges are because of a gun found in the home where he was squatting, and there was an assault rifle in the cruiser he's accused of stealing.

Tibbetts is being held without bail.