New design for veterans license plates unveiled

Published: Nov. 11, 2018 at 5:53 PM EST
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Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap unveiled the new design for veteran's license plates at the Veterans Day concert at Cole Land Transportation Museum today.

It has red stripes across the top and bottom with three stars in the upper left.

One hundred sample plates were available for veterans to take home as wall-hangers.

The new veterans plates will be available next week.

Requirements for the plates remain the same...that information is on the Bureau of Motor Vehicles website.

"The veterans plate was one of our first recognition plate designs and the design its self-was getting dated and often times we heard about confusion about the big red V and the that was part of a vanity sequence and people that were traveling out of state sometimes out of state law enforcement had a hard time discerning that that was not part of the actual number sequence."

Beginning November 13th, those who have veterans' plates displaying the red "v" will have to switch to the new plate when they renew.