New Year, New Fitness Resolutions

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - With a New Year, comes new fitness goals for many looking to get into shape, and stay there.

Alyssa Thurlow found out what you need to know to jump start a workout routine and stick with it.

For many people their New Year's resolutions bring them here to the gym, like at L.A. Training in Bangor. In fact, in the month of January most gyms see an uptick in memberships.

‘Tis the season... to hit the gym.

Many people make New Year's resolutions to get into shape, but getting started for some is half the battle.

"A lot of people come and a lot of people do stick with it, and some people don't, and my advice to you is to keep coming through the door and remember how it makes you feel when you're done. and, when you don't feel like exercising, just do it anyway," explained Wendy Morrill, Personal Trainer at L.A. Training.

Trainers say they see a lot of folks signing up in January, but those numbers start to taper off in March. So, how can you keep up that new year motivation?

"Working out with a trainer is very helpful," said Morrill. This kind of gym is nice. It's not a membership style gym, so there's not a whole bunch of people working out by themselves, and nobody is checking anyone out. Everybody is just here to work hard and work with their trainer, and it's a great positive atmosphere."

Wendy Morrill of la training says one of the biggest mistakes people make is making excuses.

"That was me before," explained gym-goer, Michelle McDonald. "I didn't really do a lot. I had kids. I was busy. I wanted to take some time for myself and like I said, I started coming. You just push yourself. It gets hard, as my trainer knows, she's pushed me, but just keep at it."

If you're not looking for a personal trainer there are other gyms in the Bangor area, like Planet Fitness that can help you with your fitness goals.

And they say, the most important thing is to set realistic ones for yourself.

"Make it a commitment. Honestly, just sticking to it," said Cindy Sieber of Planet Fitness. "They say it takes like 2 weeks to make a new habit. If you can get through those first 2 weeks and be in here everyday, you'll find all of a sudden you're not dreading it anymore, and it can become enjoyable."