New Owners Bring New Life to Old Business

Published: Jun. 29, 2017 at 8:34 PM EDT
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Steve Golieb is no stranger to the Katahdin region, "I came to Millinocket on business actually. I was pretty stunned by the beauty of the lakes and the mountain. I used to come here every summer for camp and I always loved it, so I decided to come back."

His business ventures have taken him all over the country, but now that he's back east, he's here to Turn the Page, "We're doing a bookstore, a wine bar, and café on the top floor and in the basement we're doing a small natural food manufacturing company."

Edible Wilds will soon take the space downstairs. Golieb plans to use some of Maine's natural resources to his advantage.

And the town itself has been welcoming. Golieb says, "Millinocket has a lot of potential here and the town Council and a lot of the business leaders are very supportive of new businesses moving in so that initially peaked my interest."

The building has been quite the staple for the area.

What once was a thriving restaurant for the Pelletiers, will soon be a place for locals and travelers alike to relax.

Golieb points that new owners doesn't always mean a new look, "We wanted to keep a lot of the original items. We wanted to pay homage to the Pelletier's they're logging family. But, overall the building itself much as it was we have just added our books and added different items that we will be selling."

The couple hopes that this new venture will be rewarding not only to them, but to the community that has already given them so much, "What we offer here is something that has been missing or lacking from the area so we're pretty excited to offer something new to the area."

While this isn't something the area has seen in awhile, Golieb wants locals to know that he isn't going anywhere, "This is just the beginning of what's to come. We really wanted to put our foot in the door in the area and start some kind of business to get the ball rolling but we have a lot of plans for the future."