National Weather Service Reissues Flood Warning for Kennebec River Due to Ice Jam

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HALLOWELL, Maine (WABI) - An ice jam extending more than a mile along the Kennebec River from Farmingdale to Hallowell caused water to rise above the flood stage again in Augusta on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service re-issued a flood warning for the Kennebec River in Augusta.

They're alerting people who live or work alongside the river in Augusta to be aware of rapidly fluctuating water levels.

National Weather Service Hydrologist Tom Hawley says it's likely the water will remain within a foot or two of the flood stage for the next few days.

"But if we can get some mild temperatures in here- mild during the day and cool nights so that the runoff from the melting snow is not real fast, that sun will get to work on that ice and gradually weaken it so it can move downstream. What we don't want to see is a big rain event right now," said Hawley.

The flood warning will be in place for the rest of this week.

Front Street in Augusta remains closed until further notice.