National School Lunch Program Nutrition Requirements Loosened

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The USDA is scaling back three nutritional requirements for the National School Lunch Program.

Effective February 11th, schools will be allowed to offer flavored low-fat milk instead of only allowing flavoring in fat-free milk.

Previously, all grains offered had to be whole grain...under the new rule, only half the grains have to be.

And, the policy requiring schools to lower sodium content has been loosened to give more time to reach target goals.

But not all schools are taking advantage of the changes.

The Bangor school district will continue to comply with the old standards.

Noelle Scott, Food Service Director for the Bangor School District, says things aren't changing much.

"Our milk choices have been working well, so we're gonna keep them the same, and our whole grains, the students are used to the whole grains that we offer. And so, we're going to keep things pretty much the same as we have been doing in the past.">

The changes also affect the National School Breakfast Program.