National Alliance of Mental Illness give tips on how to stay mentally healthy

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The National Alliance of Mental Illness is encouraging people to stay healthy while they are stuck at home due to COVID-19...

The Florida Department of Health releases newest update on COVID-19. (MGN)

They have some tips on ways to stay mentally in check.

One way is to allow yourself to get an extra amount of sleep.

They also say doing some form of movement every day to stay active is important.

Eating more plant based foods to manage serotonin levels as well as staying hydrated is also encouraged.

Finding activities to do in your home that will give you a sense of purpose to your day will also keep you mentally healthy.

Jenna Maynard says, "Social connection is one of the most significant protective factors for people around mental health. Social isolation is not helpful for people's mental well-being especially when you're struggling. So, make the extra effort to connect. NAMI Maine has family support groups and peer support groups that are happening using zoom."

To learn more about how you can stay mentally healthy you can visit NAMI call 211.