Multiple agencies searching for Arnold Nash Monday

Published: Sep. 17, 2018 at 9:31 PM EDT
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The search efforts for Arnold Nash had multiple agencies combing an area near the Mountain View Correctional Facility that he escaped from last Thursday.

We were there Monday afternoon.

According to authorities an unlocked vehicle was broken into sometime between Sunday and Monday. Nothing was stolen.

"Got a report of some suspicious activity that may have occurred overnight," said Maine State Police Lt. Sean Hashey. "So we are following up on that continuing to look for Mr. Nash."

The multi-agency search efforts were being coordinated from a farm that's just 5 and a half miles from Mountain View. It has people that live nearby on edge.

"It's pretty nerve-racking honestly," said a Charleston man. "It's pretty crazy to have a murderer out on the loose."

When Jacki Riethmueller returned to her Bacon Road home in Charleston on Monday, she said that something didn't seem right.

"I came home in the back door she had was kind of open and I called him and he came home from work and then he got the cops over here," she said. "When we left this morning at 5 o'clock it was not open. They came over and they checked it and now they are out back checking the hunting camps. The corrections officers and the Sheriff. It's kind of been scary."

For now the work to find Arnold Nash continues...

"Using several different tools to try to detect him if he is in this area and we are working together multiple agencies to do so obviously saw the helicopter was in the air," said Hashey. "You saw the canine's that were here, using in a lot of different resources to try to locate him."