Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade Project at Belfast Area High School

Published: Sep. 19, 2017 at 4:38 PM EDT
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There's a bright new outlook on things at Belfast Area High School.

It's nothing new with the curriculum, things are actually brighter.

This summer, Belfast Area High School began a 7.6 million dollar overhaul.

"It's phase 1 of a multi-phase project," said Superintendent Dr. Paul Knowles.

The work made possible by a bond area voters passed last fall.

"Students immediately noticed how much brighter it is, how much lighter it is, how much cleaner it looks," said Principal Mary Alice McLean, "The tiles had really bothered the kids when there were old tiles that were broken and they were replaced with ones that didn't match, and so they saw hallways that had been redone and it looks like the community really cares about their school."

Some of the improvements won't immediately catch the eye - like a revamped heating system. Other spots are much more visible.

"The kitchen is all brand new," said Knowles touring the newly remodeled kitchen, "This was completely redone, all new equipment, equipment that was replaced, some of it was 50 years old."

There's also the gym - that's home to the basketball court, which is next door to the pool.

"So you'd be sitting and cheering and you'd be smelling the chlorine, you'd be wiping your brow from from the heat or the humidity, and that the heat from the pool and it was just it wasn't dangerous, it was just sort of uncomfortable," said McLean.

Now proper ventilation and a divider have made those issues a thing of the past.

The next phases of the project will include an updated entrance - along with renovations to special ed class rooms and the relocation of administrative offices and adult education.

For now, folks in the Belfast area can enjoy what looks to be a bright future.

"It's just a sort of physical manifestation of the intention and passion that this community has for its kids and their education," said McLean.