Motorcycle Music Man Plays Concerts For Elderly

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When Duane Nickerson pulls up to a nursing home, residents don’t immediately believe he’s a singer.

“People see the motorcycle, the leather vest, the do-rag, the beard, the tattoo, they say 'oh boy, what is this guy?'”

But for years, Duane has been riding his bike to retirement homes from Waterville to Old Town, taking his guitar to play concerts for the residents.

“A lady said to me just recently, 'dear? Dear?" after three or four songs and I said, 'yes?' and she goes 'you sound nothing like you look.'”

Nickerson plays, country, oldies, and hymns and certainly knows how to please a crowd.

“When people are extremely interested or singing, I can walk right up to that person with the guitar, still sing, and not be tied down to a microphone or an amplifier.”

“I think I look forward to it as much as they do. I enjoy it, I love the reaction.”

Nickerson says he’s been performing for years, riding his bike across the state, something his audience can relate to.

“I get to hear those stories all the time of people that have done what I'm doing now, riding, and they have the memories.”

It’s an easy gig for Nickerson who has found a way to take his passions and share it with others.

“I can incorporate my music with my riding and I love every one of these people. I have more grandparents than you could imagine.”