Monmouth ice fishing business representing Maine at the White House next week

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MONMOUTH, Maine (WABI) - A Monmouth business is heading to the White House next week.

Jack Traps Ice Fishing Outfitters is representing Maine at the President's third annual Made in America Product Showcase.

"We retail, manufacture, and wholesale ice fishing traps, jack traps, as well as sell anything under the sun that you need for ice fishing: ice shacks, pack baskets, augers," said Shawn Norton, owner of Jack Traps. "If you need it on the ice, we sell it here."

It was just another day at Jack Traps until Norton checked the voicemail.

"The other day I came in, had a message, and clicked play and it said, 'This is so-and-so from the White House,' and I said, 'Where's this going?'" said Norton. "Then she went on to say they'd like to invite Jack Traps to this Made in America Showcase, please call her back."

The Made in America Product Showcase was started by President Trump in his first year in office and is an opportunity for businesses to showcase their American-made products.

One business picked from every state sets up a display at the White House, and the president and administration members visit each one.

"It was shock," said Norton. "Being a small company in Monmouth, it's just not something you expect. I never expected I'd meet Donald Trump."

Norton says he's honored to get the invite and proud of being American-made and employing Mainers.

"Their focus to detail and attention and the quality of what they put out is what really stands out for us, what gives us our name," said Norton.

"Made in America is something that we're really passionate about, so to be recognized for that on a national scale is big. We're very proud to go represent Maine there."