Mom Opens Food-Allergy Friendly Bakery in Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies including 5.8 million children under the age of 18.

That's 1 in 13 or roughly 2 kids in every classroom that can't eat what all the other kids can.

Candice Brady's daughter has celiac disease.

She says, "You imagine a kid going to a birthday party or going to a school function and can't have a cupcake, can't have any sort of celebration with her friends, so, what happens is she gets picked on. She would often come home crying."

She decided to do something about it.

Candice Brady says, "There was a lot of trial and error. I made a lot of stuff where my kids thought I am not eating this, and then all of a sudden we hit a moment where it was like, ah-ha! We got it!"

The family living in Michigan at the time decided to make a business out of it.

She says, "We had to start getting licenses ready and we had to start perfecting recipes and branding everything, and it just kind of snowballed and grew from there."

Then the family decided to follow their heart and move to Maine where they opened Butter Up Cakes in Bangor.

Patrick Brady, Co-Owner of ButterUpCakes says, "It fit everything that we wanted. It had walking traffic. Bangor was everything that we wanted it to be. Maine is everything that we wanted it to be, and it just fit."

Candice Brady says, "If we can't say it or spell it, it doesn't need to be in our food, and that's what we take pride in here."

Everything from sweet treats to homemade pasta is 100 percent gluten and lactose free and is guaranteed to taste great.

Candice Brady says, "There's no reason why it should taste funky or weird. It's food. It should be there to nourish you and taste good."

To learn more about Butter Up Cakes or to place a special order you can visit their Facebook or Instagram.