Mobile STEAM learning program comes to Brewer

Published: Nov. 18, 2019 at 5:27 PM EST
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Kern Kelley is a technology integrator with RSU 19. He stood inside a white school bus that has been converted into a teaching space.

"We are standing right inside the STEAMroller which is our STEAM powered bus."

You won't find a boiler on board though. This bus is all about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math...STEAM

(Kern) "We have a school bus that we've converted into a room that has technology all throughout it."

Kelley is teaching alongside students from Nokomis Regional High School, helping 7th graders with a variety of skills. Sarah Cole is a Junior at Nokomis.

"We teach it, and we even learn more about it just by teaching it. Doing lessons with students on various things… we have robotics and drones."

Dele Jammeh is a seventh grader at Brewer Community School, he cycled through several workshops in classrooms. "So we've been learning how to code drones, code mini cars, and right now, we're learning how to do 3D design. It's really cool how we can independently do it, and it's a fun way to enjoy school."

"I'm not the most techie person there is" said Cole. "But I think it is a really good thing to learn about for future careers especially as technology becomes more advanced."

In addition to the classroom activities, the STEAMroller bus itself was turned into an escape room with the students solving puzzles to 'escape.'

"They come in here, they learn how to figure things out, how to use their problem solving skills." said Kelley.

Dele Jammeh said the escape room was very fun. "First we had to figure out a code with how light bounces with a laser."

Another 7th grader, Caleb Colby said his group escaped just in time.

"We finished with four seconds left."

Kelley says the program is partnered with Eastern Maine Community College to provide training for teachers as well.

"We're working on being able to create this program for teachers around the state of Maine and having them actually take a certification to be able to do this kind of thing right in their own classrooms."

The STEAMroller bus will be busy this school year.

"We will bring this to about a dozen schools around the state."

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