Mini Golf Guys take on Maine courses

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - These three friends are taking on the miniature golf courses of state and one year at a time.

Meet the Mini-Golf Guys.

"About ten years ago, we started going on trips where we just visited different areas every year, and we made the commitment that we're going to do this every year, we're going to go to a different state, play mini-golf, explore the local culture, get to know the local people a little bit, and just try to be a part of those communities," said Michael Babcock.

"I think we kind of joked about it the first couple of years, and once we got the ball rolling, it kept going," said Alex Cram.

This year, they're rolling through the Pine Tree State. We caught up with them at Blackbeard's USA in Bangor.

"Maine is beautiful. It's everything we thought it would be. Nature. Great people. Great service and great golf," said Cram.

They'll be hitting around 30 courses in Maine. And, while this a way for the childhood friends from Minnesota to stay connected, it's also all about the competition.

"Mini golf's a game of the other person messing up, not of you doing really well. So, I think that kind of speaks levels of our friendship," said Cram.

As for hole-in-ones...

"I wouldn't say abundant. About a handful," said

They even have a custom-made ring which the champion wears all year long.

"I've actually won three years in a row, so I had it last year, too," said Anthony Haakenson.

This epic adventure will turn charitable next year.

"We kind of want to do like a donation per stoke, we're hoping to give to a local charity to every state we go to," said Cram.

No matter where they end up next, these three friends are teaching others the lesson of friendship and adventure, one mini-golf course at a time.

"Just a good chance to see each other and make sure we make time for friendships because friendships are really one of the most important things in life," said Babcock.