Milo Police Chief making a difference by providing kids with summer meals

MILO, Maine (WABI) - A small town police chief is going above and beyond for kids in his community.

Milo Police Chief Damien Pickel runs the summer meal program for kids and teens in Piscataquis County.

For the past four years, he has been traveling all across the county providing bagged lunches to kids that may not get a meal otherwise.

Today we caught up with the chief who made food stops in Lagrange, Milo, and Derby.

So, why does he do it?

"It's the kids! A hungry kid is an unhappy kid. An unhappy kid is a destructive kid. So, when you feed a kid you're getting a more productive and happier kid and somebody that wants to do good things and maybe they'll return the favor down the road. Paying it."

The chief provides lunches four days a week, well, sometimes five.

He says when he gets a call from someone that needs a lunch, he will be there, even if it's on the one day he takes off.

"Even though we don't do it on Wednesday, we did it on Wednesday."

Many folks in the community say the chief is someone kids in the area know and trust because of this program.

"He's somebody that they can be friends with, that they don't always have to look at the police as scary people."

Chief Pickel tells us he grew up watching his father help others so he knew he had to do the same.

"Everything I'm doing now is a reflection on him."

Volunteers are always needed if you would like to help you can visit the Milo Police Department on Facebook.

"Volunteers are going to be everything. We can't do this without people helping us."

To find meals in other areas text "Summer Meals" to 97779 or call Maine 211.

Brianna Bires, WABI TV5 News, Milo.