Mills, Golden win nominations following Ranked Choice Voting tabulation

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - The Ranked Choice Voting process has played out and we now know that Janet Mills will be the Democratic nominee for governor and Jared Golden will be the party's nominee for the Second Congressional District.

The Secretary of State made that announcement Wednesday evening, 8 days after the primary election.

Maine election officials have been tabulating ballots from across the state since Monday working to establish a majority winner in both races to take on Republicans Shawn Moody for Governor and incumbent Bruce Poliquin for his congressional seat.

Maine is the first state in the nation to use Ranked Choice Voting.

Minutes after winning the nomination we spoke with Mills.

"I think the process worked," she said. "I think we all came out in support of Ranked Choice Voting. The people supported it several times now at the ballot box and it has worked. It's been a painstaking process I got to watch a little bit of it this morning. I understand why it took a lot of time and I don't fault the process. I think it's important to make sure that the results are accurate and complete and thorough and that's why took so long."

Jared Golden released the following statement via his Twitter account..

I'm proud to accept the Democratic nomination for Maine's Second Congressional District!

I want to congratulate Lucas St. Clair, Craig Olson, Jonathan Fulford, their campaign staffs, and their supporters, for the hard-fought races they ran.

Thank you to my team of staff, volunteers, and supporters. This win wouldn't have been possible without you.